Information Systems: The Role of AI in the Future of Project Management

  • Course will examine the role of AI in the future of project management 
  • Students will be integrated into a semester course at Frankfurt UAS, Information Systems Project Management
  • Course meets regularly in the morning and/or afternoon

This non-credit field trip will cover the following topics:

  • How will (the use of) AI/LLMs (GenAI) change PM?
    • Areas where PM can benefit from AI
    • Changing (new) roles and required new skills
    • Already available tools and their intended use
    • Mind the impact on data privacy, ethics and BIAS
    • Use cases 

Students will be able to

  • Recognize how the use of AI could change the PM landscape
  • Name the areas where PM could profit most from the use of AI
  • Recognize negative impacts associated with the use of AI tools
  • Apply AI tools for certain PM tasks/areas

The course is open to business and information system students from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. 

This is a non-credit field trip. Students will recieve a participation certificate after successfull completion of the program. 

Frankfurt UAS will provide funding for a maximum of five students from University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. Funding will cover the following costs:

  • Accommodation
  • Public Transportation
  • Extracurricular Activities, including Opening/Closing Events, Frankfurt City Tour, Weekend Excursions
  • €250 Stipend per person for covering extra meal costs (this stipend will be handed out to students during orientation)

Students will be responsible for any additional travel costs outside of the program, for example airfare, as well as any extra spending money. 

Registration is possible through the International Office at University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, please contact the International Office directly.

last updated on: 15.02.2024