Designing Urban Open Fabric of the New Era

  • Explore a tried-and-tested design method to making urban landscape future-proof and suitable for the common good
  • Design method can be used worldwide - regardless of climate zone, scale, culture and use
  • Course and workshops offered in block style and meet daily in the morning and afternoon

This course teaches a tried-and-tested design method to making urban landscape future-proof and suitable for the common good. The design method can be used worldwide – regardless of climate zone, scale, culture and use.

  • Universal, holistic, agile design method
  • Guided design process from idea to draft
  • Basic intercultural mindset
  • Review of drafts with the SDGs

The course aims to empower students to understand and apply the universal, holistic and agile design method of Ulla Schuch for urban open spaces. As part of the course, students will learn the following:

  • Developing a conscious understanding of one's own needs, culture and desires vs. those of others
  • Using checklists, system thinking, participation and existing recipes for designing complexity
  • Having a clear understanding of the benefits, features, archetyps, toolbox, rules of open space and the green-blue-grey urban pattern
  • Having a first understanding of SDGs and humans in the context of urban landscapes and outdoor life
  • Being aware of uniqueness of climate zones, culture and use at any location.
  • Being aware of 3. and 4. Dimension of Space Design
  • Understanding of natural vegetation and using the example of bamboo as a quickly renewable building material, CO2 storage, living cistern and cooling factor
  • Initial experiences in intercultural and interdisciplinary collaboration

This is an interdisciplinary course. Students and working professionals with academic backgrounds in architecture, urban design, design, landscape architecture, or city planning are all encouraged to apply. The course has open enrollment and students will be admitted on a rolling basis. Maximum capacity for the course is 20 participants.

This course is also open to students from the Hessen-Queensland, Hessen-Massachusetts, and Hessen-Wisconsin Exchange Programs.

Students will earn a total of 6 ECTS points for the successful completion of the course. 

Designing Urban Open Fabric of the New Era has a total of 46.5 in-class contact hours during the on-campus summer program. A single ECTS point is defined as the equivalent of 25-30 hours of student workload, which includes class hours, readings, preparation for class activities, as well as assessment measures.

The program fee is €850. Students who register before April 7, 2024 benefit from a reduced fee of €750. Students who are currently enrolled at partner universities of Frankfurt UAS are eligible for the reduced program fee of €750 at any time before the application deadline on May 30, 2024. 

What is included in the program fee?

  • 2 weeks of academic courses 
  • Course materials
  • Public transportation within Frankfurt for the duration of the program
  • Opening and Closing Events


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last updated on: 06.05.2024