An Introduction to the Basics of the German Language

The focus of the course is to provide a brief introduction to the German language. The topics that will be discussed include:

  1. Basic German Vocabulary: Common words and phrases for everyday use.
  2. German Grammar Fundamentals: Introduction to sentence structure, verb conjugations, and noun genders.
  3. Pronunciation and Phonetics: How to correctly pronounce German sounds and words.
  4. Basic Conversation Skills: Simple dialogues and common expressions for basic communication.
  5. Reading and Writing: Understanding and forming basic sentences in written German.
  6. Cultural Insights: Overview of German-speaking countries, their cultures, and customs.

All participants of Frankfurt Summer Universities are welcome to take part in the German language classes. 

The German language classes are non-credit bearing. Students will receive a participation certificate after successfully completing the course. 

If students wish to receive ECTS for the German language classes, we offer an extra self-study project for which students can earn 3 ECTS. Students who are required from their university to receive credits for the German language classes should contact the Frankfurt Summer Universities Team directly. 

A single ECTS point is defined as the equivalent of 25-30 hours of student workload, which includes class hours, readings, preparation for class activities, as well as assessment measures.

The German language classes are available at no extra cost for participants of Frankfurt Summer Universities. The courses will take place virtually from June 10 - 14, 2024. Students will receive information about exact class times as well as the Zoom links for the classes in an email from the Frankfurt Summer Universities Team. No prior registration is required. 

last updated on: 22.05.2024