International Business

  • Acquire skills in international business strategies within a European context
  • Topics include International Business Management, Global Sustainable Business, and Business Practices in Germany
  • Courses offered in block style and meet daily in the morning and afternoons
  • International Business Management

This course introduces students to the theory and practice of international business management. The course addresses the specific challenges of managers and discusses strategies associated with corporate activities across national borders. Students taking this course will, however, not only find out about theoretical aspects of being a manager for an international company, but will also improve many practical skills, such as analytical thinking, decision-making, and working in teams.

  • Global Sustainable Business

This course will examine the role of firms operating in a global environment, specifically addressing how companies can simultaneously manage shareholder demands, employee needs, and societal expectations related to sustainability. The course will begin by examining the history of sustainability and move to examine the contemporary environment discussing the various models for firms to act as responsible innovative corporate citizens. Students will learn about various frameworks and tools which firms use to develop, implement, assess, and communicate their social and environmental impacts.

  • Business Practices in Germany

The aim of this unit is to focus on the implementation of corporate international business strategy and policy for global success in multinational corporations in Germany. This unit is designed to build upon the knowledge base of previous units, introducing students to the strategic international business and management strategies taken by firms, and to expose students to the strategic choices with which international businesses face on a daily basis. This unit will focus on business strategies of multinational corporations in selected industries in Germany.

International Business is an interdisciplinary course. Students and working professionals from banking, finance, economics, and business administration backgrounds are encouraged to apply. The course has open enrollment and students will be admitted on a rolling basis. Maximum capacity for the course is 30 participants.

Students will earn a total of 6 ECTS points for the successful completion of the course.

International Business has a total of 72 in-class contact hours during the on-campus summer program. A single ECTS point is defined as the equivalent of 25-30 hours of student workload, which includes class hours, readings, preparation for class activities, as well as assessment measures.

The program fee for International Business is €1200. Students who register before April 15, 2020 benefit from a reduced fee of €1000. Students who are currently enrolled at partner universities of Frankfurt UAS or Goethe University are eligible for the reduced program fee of €1000 at any time before the application deadline on May 31, 2020.

What is included in the program fee?

  • 3 weeks of academic courses (6 ECTS points)
  • Insurance covering illness, accidents, and personal liability
  • Local transportation within Frankfurt for the duration of the program
  • Opening and Closing Events


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last updated on: 28.01.2020